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The Dragon Tablets – Iteration Three: Gear, Part II

The Dragon Tablets setting is mostly TL3, but with some TL4 elements. The gear listed below is taken from GURPS Low-Tech and GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers.

A number of proper nouns are mentioned in this post for the first time in this series. There will be more details on those in the future.

Information Technologies

Eyeglasses: LT 42. $100, 0.25 lb.
Mirrors: DF 26. Hand, $15, 1 lb. Tall, $125, 10 lbs.
Telescope: DF 26. $500, 6 lbs.
Measurement: Level, Surveyor’s Cross, Chorobates, Cross-Staff, Dioptra, Astrolabe, and Kamal. Measuring Rod and Odometer. Surveyor’s Kit. Measuring Bag or Jug. Steelyard. Clepsydra, Sundial, Portable Sundial, Regulated Clepsydra, and Weight-Driven Clock. Miniature Clepsydra and Sandglass.
Balance and Weights: LT 44. $35, 6 lbs.
Graduated Candle: LT 44 $55, 6.7 lbs.

Writing and Records

Pictures: TL3
Maps and Globes: TL3, so globes are not widespread.
Writing Media: Stonecutting. Clay Tablet, Stylus, and Wax Tablet. Barkcloth, Leather, Papyrus, Potsherds, Leaves, Stems, and Bark, and Parchment and Vellum. Pumice and Stylus.
Brush: LT 46 $2, neg.
Ink, Liquid: LT 46 $2.50, 1 lb/pint.
Ink, Solid: LT 46 $2.50, 1 oz.
Ink Stone: LT 46 $@0, 2 lbs.
Medieval Scribal Kit: LT 47 $24, 3 lbs.
Paper: LT 46. $6, 1 lb.
Pen: LT 46. Reed, Metal, or Quill.
Signet Ring: LT 46 $30, neg.
Written Documents: Tablet, Scroll, and Codex. Colophon, Catalog, Line Numbers, Table of Contents, Page Numbers, and Index.
Printing: Printing Blocks.

Signals and Messages

Visual Signals: Beacon Fire, Smoke Signal, and Signal Flags.
Auditory Signals and Musical Instruments: Church Bells and Kettledrums.
Bagpipe: LT49 $150, 8 lbs. Used in Celdonia.
Drum: DF 24. $40, 2 lbs. It can be used to send messages too.
Fife: LT49 $100, 1 lb. It also works for other woodwind instruments.
Harp: LT49 $600, 7 lbs. It also works for Zither.
Hunting Horn: $200, 2 lbs.
Shofar: LT49 $80, 5 lbs.
Stringed: DF 24. $150, 5 lbs.
Trumpet: $200, 2 lbs.
Whistle: DF 24. $5, 0.1 lb.

Calculation and Computation

Numerical Systems: Tallies and Positional Numbers.
Aids to Calculation: Abacus and Cube Root Extractor.


Astronomical Aids: Merkhet and Windrose.
Reference Materials: Stick Chart, Periplus, Sounding Pole, and Lead Line.
Dead Reckoning: Dividers, Compass, and Portolan.
Celestial Navigation: Astrolabe with cross-staff, Kamal, Sun Shadow Board,


Bandoleer: DF 25. $60, 1 lb.
Crossbow Rest: DF 25. $40, 2 lbs.
Crossbow Sight: DF 25. $100, 1 lb.
Crossbow Sling: DF 25. $200, 2 lbs.
Ogre Whetstone: Use Dwarven Whetstone. DF 25. $€00, 1 lb.

Mechanical Artillery

Belly Brace, Winch, Belt Hook, Goat’s Foot, Stirrup, Treadmill, and Windlass.
Heavy Weapons: Ballista, Carroballista, Gastraphetes, Petrobolos, Polybolos, Scorpion, Arbalest, Springald. Monankon, Beam Sling, and Trebuchet.

Combat Accessories

Hip Quiver: DF 24. $15, 1 lb.
Hip Quiver, Large: DF 24. $20, 2 lbs.
Lanyard, Chain: DF 24. $15, 0.5 lb.
Lanyard, Leather: DF 24. $1, 0.1 lb.
Shoulder Quiver: DF 24. $10, 0.5 lb.
Whetstone: DF 24. $5, 1 lb.


Anti-Garrote Collar: DF 25. $35, 1 lb.
Tinted Goggles: DF 26. $150, 0.5 lb.


Everyday Clothing: Summer Clothing, Ordinary Clothing, and Winter Clothing.
Hand and Footwear: Foot Wrappings, Mittens, Moccasins, Mukluks, Sandals, Gloves, Shoes, and Boots.
Headgear: Hats and Hoods.
Protective Clothing: Cloak, Parka, Poncho, Snow Goggles, Wet-Weather Gear, Leather Apron, Long Coat, Undercover Clothing, Beekeeper’s Outfit, Fireproof Clothing.


Face Protection: Nasal, Brim, Cheek Guards, Spectacles, and Visor.
Neck Protection: Turret, Aventail, Mail Collar, Ventail, Bevor, and Gorget.

Security and Covert Ops

Bit and Brace: DF 25. $120, 5 lbs.
Nageteppo, Flash: DF 25. $40, 0.2 lb.
Nageteppo, Smoke: DF 25. $40, 0.2 lb.
Portable Ram: DF 26. $150, 35 lbs.
Snorkel: DF 26. $20, 1 lb.
Spy’s Horn: DF 26. $100, 2 lbs.

Security and Surveillance

Barriers: Chest/Strongbox, Door, Spikes/Thorns, Window, Grate, and Razor Surfaces.
Bars, Bolts, Latches, and Locks: Bar, Bolt, Latch, Knots, Locks, Cord and Bolt, Bolt and Tumbler, Multiple Tumblers, Bolt and Barb-Spring, Barb-Spring Padlock, Rotary Lock, Warded Rotary Lock, and Portable Padlocks.
Traps: Deadfall, Net, Pit, Snare, Tripwire, and Needle.
Caltrop: LT 123 $1, 0.5 lb.
Alarms: Beaded Curtain and Bell and String. Nightingale Floors are used by the Cat-Folk.
Identification and Authentication: Brands and Tattoos, Body Modifications, Watchwords, Invoices, and Seals.
Cord, 3/16": DF 24. $1, 0.5 lb.
Iron Spike: DF 24. $1, 0.5 lb.


Climbing Gear: Harpoon, Ladder and Rope Ladder.
Climbing Pole: LT 125 $80, 5 lbs.
Giant Spider Silk Cord: DF 25. $100, 0.5 lb.
Grappling Hook, Padded: LT 125 $30, 3 lbs.
Grappling Hook, Unpadded: LT 125 $20, 2 lbs.
Pitons: LT 125 $4, 0.75 lb.
Rope, 3/8": DF 24 $5, 1.5 lbs.
Rope, 3/4": DF 24 $25, 5 lbs.
Spikes: LT 125 $150, 2 lbs.
Camouflage and Disguise: Camouflage, Hoods, Veils, and Masks, and Padded Boots.
Disguise Kit: LT 126 $200, 10 lbs.
Lockpicks: DF 25. $50, 0.1 lb. Good, $250, 0.5. Fine, $1,000, 2 lbs.
Housebreaker’s Kit: LT 126 $255, 16 lbs.
Pry-Bar, 30": LT 126 $80, 5 lbs.
Pry-Bar, 20": LT 126 $60, 2 lbs.


Secret Messages: Skytale and Cipher Wheel.
Inks and Papers: Invisible Ink and Disposable Paper.
Forgery and Counterfeiting: Identifying Marks, Coinage, and Documents.

Enforcement and Coercion

Restraints: Bindings, Iron Shackles, Stocks, Pillory, and Barrel Pillory.
Torture: Water Torture, Whip, The Rack.

Torture Kit: LT 131 $150, 8 lbs.

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